Here is an outline to help with registration procedures.

1. Basic information can be found in the Annual Registration Letter. This letter is mailed to all Wyoming FFA Chapters each year.

2. Cost:  Cost is $200 per camper. All registrations are due by June 1st.  No cancelations will be accepted after June 1st, only substitutions.   If a camper applies for and receives a scholarship they will get a discount.  Campers who apply for a scholarship will be notified by email (email is required) and a list will be published on our website.

3. Submit Registration Form: This year registration will only be accepted through the chapter portal. (Advisors register their students) Students paying should make arrangements to pay their advisor and their chapter will submit payment to camp. Full payment is due before the student attends camp!  Payments will be submitted by schools or chapter Advisors and advisors should fill out the “Advisor Camper Registration Form”.  The voucher should be completed for the full amount. All registration information, and signed Liability Release forms can be emailed to or if you need to mail payment and information you can to:

  • Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp
  • 9500 Bishop RD
  • Casper, WY  82604

4. Liability Release & Permission Form:  Each camper must provide a signed copy of the Liability Release & Permission Form.  This form must be signed by the camper and a parent or legal guardian.  It also has important medical information for the camper or legal guardian to provide along with health insurance information needed in case of an emergency.  This form can be mailed before camp or brought to camp and given at registration  or sign-in.

5.1 Payment Information, School Vouchers: Some chapters submit one payment by school voucher and policies very greatly with different school districts.  We can submit your voucher for you with an invoice or we can email you an invoice if you choose to submit the voucher.  You can send your voucher to us by email or by regular mail.  Since schools take a while to pay we prefer you submit a voucher to us before camp.   If you submit a voucher at camp during registration we will handle mailing it in for you.  Vouchers should always be for the full amount because of the processing delays, and will include the early registration discount.

5.2 Payment Information, Credit/Debit Card (PayPal):  We use PayPal to process credit or debit cards online.  This option is not available at camp because internet or data wireless signal is not reliable.

5.3 Payment Information, Cash or Check:  If submitting cash or check as payment please mail your cash or check after submitting the online Registration Form or mail it with a hard copy of the downloaded form.

5.4 Refunds for No-Shows:  Unfortunately we can not offer refunds because once a camper is registered we purchase food and supplies for that camper.  We will allow substitutions for different campers if possible.

  1. Items To Bring: The list of items to bring is available here and should be reviewed by all members before packing.

7. Advisor Information Page.