Jim & Marcia Thrush Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Jim & Marcia Thrush Memorial Scholarship Fund is an investment account set up to provide scholarships to FFA Campers who need help attending Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp.

The Fund has a deep important history with Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp since 2002.  At the 2002 Wyoming State FFA Convention (April), Mandy Thrush presented then Camp Director Court Schilt with the cash donation. Based on a letter from Court to the board Treasurer, the original amount is believed to be $4,115.63.  The donation was on behalf of her siblings and herself in honor of their parents.  The Thrush siblings were early attendees of camp. The fund was given to provide future campers a way to afford camp and to provide emergency funds if needed.

Soon after receiving the donation the board decided to transfer the fund to the Wyoming FFA Foundation.  The foundation pooled the money with other investments to provide the best growth opportunity.  Over the years other donations were contributed to the fund. In some years money was withdrawn from the fund for scholarships.  The fund continued to grow.

In 2014 the WILL board felt that the history of the fund and use was getting lost with turnover on both boards and more direct access and documentation was needed. Numerous chapters had requested returned money from camper no-shows (refunds issued for partial cost of campers who did not show up at registration) be used for future scholarships.  Also, the board wanted a way to have direct donations received be contributed to the scholarship fund. After discussions with both the foundation and Mandy Carson, the fund was transferred back to WILL’s control from the Wyoming FFA Foundation. This web page was also set up to track the history of the fund moving forward. On September 24th 2014 the new fund was started. Soon after $7,398 worth of investments were purchased.  This balance will be used to figure interest and track donations and will be adjusted annually moving forward.

If you would like to donate to Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp, we can add your donation to our scholarship funds based on your specification.  Go here to donate! If you’d like to donate in a different way please contact us – treasurer@ffacamp.org