More Than Just a Shirt

This year the National FFA celebrated 80 years of the same corduroy blue and gold jacket. Parents, community members, and peers see a uniquely styled piece of clothing.  We see pride.  Others see a state.  We see our friend that we met from Buffalo in 2010 or the kid that beat you in the creed contest who is now a friend that you can’t wait to see at the FIRE conference.  Others see the name of your chapter.  We see an agriculture classroom full of kids after school, the time at our chapter banquet that our advisor almost cried when he told our parents how proud he was; we see a family.  Others see an eagle atop an ear of corn.  We see an emblem; a symbol of pride that we loyally advocate for and defend.

To us, the blue jacket means so much more that what it looks like.  Can you remember the first time you put yours on?

Sure our camp T-shirts are less formal and ever changing but their meaning is far greater and everlasting than some words on cotton of various colors.

It is a running joke that we need to determine our t-shirt design before we can plan anything else about camp.  The shirt is that central to camp every year, just as the FFA jacket is a core component of the FFA experience.  Our shirts emphasize each year’s camp in the most simplistic words possible; they provide a sense of unity among campers on the mountain, and a symbol of pride when worn after we leave the mountain.  Nothing warms my heart more than seeing FFA Camp t-shirts in the barns at the Wyoming State Fair!  Our t-shirts help to preserve our history and ensure appropriate attire at the Camp dance 😉 Most importantly they look good! Good looking people wear the blue jacket so every year we strive to add a good looking t-shirt to their wardrobe as well. It is hard to put into words what a camp T-shirt represents.  We’re often reminded that the blue jacket is nothing without the person inside.  Perhaps that is the essence of a good camp T-shirt; it embodies the only hope we have in the future – the camper!

2013 Session 1 Camp Picture

2013 Session 2 Camp Picture
2013 Session 2 Camp Picture

What has been your favorite camp T-shirt?  Why?  What do camp shirts represent to you?  Tweet us (@FFACamp), Facebook us (, or comment on our website!  We want to see your pics!!

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