Every year we do our best to make sure cost does not interfere with campers experiencing the life-changing experience of attending Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp.  We try to provide full or partial scholarships to individuals who apply for help. We also try and grow our scholarship investment fund.  As costs increase so does our regular registration fee.  A general donation will keep our costs down.   Our goal and the facility we use maxes out at about 100 campers per session or 200 campers per year.  A $200 donation would cut costs by $1 or more per camper.  We would love to be able to have 200 of those donations a year and make camp free!  If you would like to donate to Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp we have several options.

  • Donate through our 40 for 40 Promotion with the Wyoming FFA Foundation
  • Use our Donations Plugin:

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