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FROM: Lindsey Freeman, Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp Director (307) 286-1049,



  • 1st Session JUNE 11-15, 2019 (Tuesday – Saturday)
  • 2nd Session JUNE 18-22, 2019 (Tuesday – Saturday)

WHERE: Fremont County Youth Camp (near Lander, WY)

For those that have not been to the Youth Camp, please be aware that the road is very narrow and winding but paved, so chapters should be okay bringing buses into the camp.  Please visit our web site ( for road condition updates before leaving.

To get to the camp, simply go into Lander, from Main Street, take Hwy 131 South past Sinks Canyon and up the mountain toward Worthen Meadows Reservoir.  Watch for the Fremont County Youth Camp signs. It should now take about 30 minutes from Lander.

For those who have not seen the location, it is located in the beautiful mountains southwest of Lander at the Fremont County Youth Camp.  We always order decent weather, but it is in the mountains and evenings get very cool.  We’ve even had snow in past years, so bring appropriate clothing.


Any FFA Member in good standing who will be completing 8-12th grade this year, or freshmen and older next school year.

SPECIAL GUESTS: State FFA Officers,  National FFA Officer


Registration Fees & Deadlines:

Early Registration:  $150.00/member, must be postmarked by May 10th

Regular Registration: $175.00/member if not postmarked by May 10th


There are two ways to register, by individual (camper submits payment) or chapter (chapter submits payment). Students paying should use the online “Individual Camper Registration Form”. Students who are paying are required to pay the full amount at the time of registration. They are not considered registered until full payment is received!  If payment will be submitted by school or chapter Advisors should fill out the “Advisor Camper Registration Form” online or use the included registration form.  The voucher should be completed for the full amount. All registration information, medical forms, and signed Liability Release forms can be emailed or mailed to:

  •  Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp
  • P.O. Box 20444
  • Cheyenne, WY  82003

Registration and scholarship questions should be directed to:

Burt Andreen – 307-258-2484,

The Registration fee is non-refundable, but may be transferred to another member if the original registrant is unable to attend camp.  All campers must bring a completed medical form and liability waiver to camp if not mailed or emailed.  Medical forms/liability waivers must be signed by a parent/guardian.

Early Registration Discounts: We will be providing discounts based on early registration.  Receiving camp registrations by May (rather than early June) is very helpful to our preparations for camp.  We encourage chapters to get their registrations submitted as early as possible.  All registrations postmarked by May 1st will qualify for the early registration discount.  We will use the postmark date or online registration form submittal as the official “registration date”.


A variety of FFA Camp sponsors and permanent funds may be available for scholarships to qualified FFA members.  There is no limit of scholarships per chapter, nor is it specifically a full ride scholarship.  All FFA members in need of some financial assistance to attend camp are encouraged to apply.  Only complete applications will be accepted. Scholarships must be filled out and submitted online!


Multimedia Recording and Usage Policy

Western Institute of Leadership for Life, Inc. (DBA Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp) staff and its designees may capture photos, video and other recordings of participants before, during and after events at the Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp. Please be aware that all recorded media may be used by the Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp or with Western Institute of Leadership for Life, Inc.’s consent in future print materials, online materials including the official camp website ( and its official social media accounts, signage, slideshows, podcasts, videos and other uses in physical and digital forms. Attendance of Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp implies your consent to be photographed, videotaped and otherwise recorded for these purposes.  No individual or group may sell or distribute any Multimedia from Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp without its consent.

Check-In/Registration on the first day of camp runs from 12:00 P.M. – 1:30 P.M.

We will register chapters starting at noon as they arrive, so the earlier the chapter gets there, the sooner they will be registered, but we will not register chapters before noon.  Please note: No lunch is provided to campers on registration day.  Have members bring a sack lunch or plan on eating before coming to registration.

Release at the end of each session: On the last day of each session, camp will be released at 9:00 in the morning.  No one will be released until the cabins are cleaned and inspected.  Whenever possible we encourage participants to wait until the day camp starts to arrive as opposed to traveling up with a state officer or counselor.  If you will be in a hurry to get out when camp is released, please instruct students to complete cleanup early.  Because of the additional day between camps, it will NOT be possible for chapters to drop members off for second session when they are picking up members from the first session.

What to Bring: When you are packing for camp, use our checklist of items to bring as a guide.  We have experienced warm, sunny days at camp and cold, rainy days – with some snowy days mixed in.  Please bring clothing for all weather conditions (long pants/jeans, a jacket, boots/warm footwear, hat and gloves)!

EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS: If you have to reach your camper the number at camp is 307-330-5350.  This is a cell phone and it is in the mountains so service is not always reliable.  We try to check messages regularly.  If you cannot get through to the camp phone please contact Burt Andreen at 307-258-2484.  If you need to get an emergency message to a member and you can’t get through on the cell phones, try calling Ron Cunningham at (307) 332-5401 after hours.

Camp is open to all FFA members who have completed their freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year who are interested in developing leadership skills.  The camp will include such programs and events as public speaking, remembering names, parliamentary procedure, a banquet, learning about FFA opportunities, campfire sessions and much, much more.  Each member is encouraged to bring some talent to share.  PARTICIPANTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND AND PARTICIPATE REGARDLESS OF RACE, COLOR, NATIONAL ORIGIN, SEX, OR RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION.

The atmosphere will be relaxed, and dress will be informal during the day.  Official FFA dress may be required during some of the evening sessions, and will be required for the banquet held the last evening.  Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend the banquet and tickets may be purchased in advance during registration for $50.00 each.

With regard to the caliber of individuals involved in this camp, we decided that a long list of rules and regulations would not be necessary.  We hope you will observe a few common sense rules of conduct as outlined in the FFA Code of Ethics.  The camp is open to all FFA members and advisors.  We encourage each chapter to send as many as possible.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or write.

We will be looking forward to seeing many of you there.

Sincerely, Lindsey Freeman,

Director, Wyoming FFA Leadership Camp

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