Items to Bring to Camp

Member’s checklist: Stuff to bring to camp!

Necessary Items:


  1.  Bedding (sleeping bag or bed roll and pillow)
  2.  Towel & deodorant and other personal hygiene items
  3.  Tennis/hiking shoes
  4.  Water-resistant or waterproof shoes/boots (in case of rain)
  5.  Official FFA dress, including a tie-type necktie (guys), scarf (girls)
  6.  Grubby/work clothes
  7.  Pants/Jeans (bring shorts if you like, but bring pants too!)
  8.  Coat and raincoat
  9.  Sack lunch for registration day
  10.  Flashlight
  11.  Sunscreen and bug spray
  12.  Sweatshirt or light jacket
  13.  Warm clothes and heavy coat, hat, gloves (in case of snow). We’re in the mountains in Wyoming.  It will be cold some days and evenings

 Optional Items:

  1.  FFA Manual
  2.  Do you have a talent to share?  If so, bring any props or instruments that you need.
  3.  Camera

You may download this list here. Download: items2bring

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